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Tides Of Style: How To Get 360 Waves

Tides Of Style: How To Get 360 Waves

Have you ever peeped the deep waves in a guy’s hair and wondered, “how is he getting his hair to do that?" You are not alone! This smooth “ripple” effect that gracefully encircles the head has gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating the hearts of men from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Hell, Diddy did it. Usher did it. Nelly did it. And, we’re here to show you what it takes to do the same. Achieving those coveted 360 waves for yourself isn’t rocket science. It just requires a combination of diligent haircare techniques, commitment, and the right products. Let’s explore the world of waves and see how you, too, can sculpt the perfect 360s.

What Is The Process For Sculpting 360 Waves?

Sculpting 360 waves requires some thoughtful care and several weeks of dedication. To be successful, you’ll want to follow a step-by-step process that refreshes and retrains your hair. But make no mistake, your diligence will be rewarded once you have all eyes on you when you’re out and about.

Step 1: Wolfing

To begin, let your hair grow out for four to six weeks. This phase is called “wolfing”. During the wolfing phase, you allow your hair to grow long so that you have the length needed to lay your foundation. Think of it like an artist – wolfing provides the canvas that will later showcase your masterpiece.

Step 2: Washing & Conditioning

While still in the wolfing (4-6 weeks of growth) phase, thoroughly wash & condition your hair not only to eliminate excess oils, dandruff, and buildup – but to moisturize your follicles down to the root as well. Use a good moisturizing shampoo & conditioner set to best prepare a robust and healthy foundation for your waves.

Step 3: Moisturizing & Styling

Pour a nickle-sized amount of moisturizing cream into your palm, rub your hands together and evenly apply the cream in the direction in which you want your 360 waves to flow. This locks in moisture, making your hair more supple and ready to take on waves. Then, follow the cream up with a wave pomade for increased definition and a long-lasting hold.

Step 4: Brushing

Now to the "meat & potatoes" -- brushing. For optimum 360 wave sculpting, start your brush at the crown of your head, which is the topmost part or highest point on your scalp. Brush away from the crown with a soft or medium wave brush, evenly distributing the brush strokes around your head -- according to your desired wave pattern. This is the key to getting consistent, uniformed waves. 360 waves take time to fully develop, so be patient.

Step 5: Compression

Cover your waves with a satin-lined head wrap, like our halo turban, for protection. Our turban will help to lock-in moisture and act as a physical barrier to protect your hair and waves from external elements, such as friction, dust, and other potential sources of damage. It also aids in maintaining the shape and structure of your 360 waves, promoting their development and overall appearance. Wear the turban whenever you aren't washing or brushing your hair, especially while sleeping.

How Should I Maintain My Waves?

Now that you know how to sculpt your 360 waves, here are some practical tips to ensure the health and strength of your waves:

  • Brushing Ritual: Make it a habit to gently brush your hair with a soft-bristled or medium-bristled wave brush. This is crucial to crafting the perfect waves and should be prioritized in your grooming routine.
  • Moisture Is Key: Shield your hair from dryness and breakage by keeping it well-moisturized. Opt for sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, apply a daily hair moisturizer to maintain adequate hydration.
  • Balanced Washing: Over-washing can strip away natural oils, causing dryness. Shampoo your hair only once a week or as necessary.
  • Visit the Barbershop Regularly: Keep your hair looking neat by scheduling regular cuts. Do NOT let your barber cut your hair too short!
  • Sleep with Care: Preserve your waves while sleeping by wearing our halo turban to shield them from pillow friction and potential frizz.
  • Nourish from Within: A balanced diet with essential nutrients greatly contributes to overall hair health.
  • Patience and Dedication: Building and maintaining 360 waves requires time and commitment. Stay devoted to your brushing and hair care routine.


Sculpting and maintaining your 360 waves takes time, effort, a consistent routine & great products. It will not happen overnight; but if you're patient and determined, you’ll own this legendary style and soon be turning heads like never before. We mean, wouldn’t it be the perfect full-circle moment if you were the guy that made folks wonder, “how is he getting his hair to do that?"