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What To Do If Your Barber Pushed Your Hairline Back

What To Do If Your Barber Pushed Your Hairline Back

The last thing you expect after a trip to the barbershop is to find that your hairline is pushed back even further than usual. This all-to-familiar predicament can leave you frustrated and at a loss for what to do next. But your frustration can be temporary, and your self-esteem can be restored when you know in advance how to handle the dilemma. The following information will inform and guide you toward the solution that best suits your specific circumstances.

Why Might Barbers Push Your Hairline Back?

Barbers regularly rely on their expertise to ensure that they aren’t pushing your hairline back during your cut. However, there may be times when and reasons why your barber may think it’s warranted to push your hairline back – including to create a sharper, more defined appearance, to remove a thinning or receding hairline, or to correct an uneven hairline.

While it is your barber’s job to craft the best results, if you are concerned about your hairline, it's always a good idea to let your barber know before they start cutting. An open dialogue can help prevent any unwanted surprises.

Will A Pushed-Back Hairline Grow Back?

Unless caused by your genetic predisposition, a hairline that has been pushed back will often grow back. But the growth rate can change based on things like genes, age, and the health of your hair in general. Since hair usually grows about half an inch a month, it might take a little bit for your hairline to go back to where it was. Remember that too much worry, lousy nutrition, and some medications can all slow hair growth, so living a healthy life is vital for encouraging hair growth.

Will Shaving My Head Make My Hairline Grow Back?

Shaving your head will not directly restore your natural hairline upon regrowth. However, because it eliminates damaged hair and promotes more even regeneration, it can eliminate damaged hair and offer a new opportunity for healthier hair growth. Remember that shaving your head won't solve genetic or hormonal causes of a pushed-back hairline, but other treatment options are available.

Can A Barber Mess Up Your Hairline Permanently?

It's not likely that one trip to the barbershop will damage your hairline forever, but getting haircuts that push your hairline back repeatedly can cause problems in the long run. The constant stress and pressure on the hair follicles can weaken them over time, which could lead to lifelong hair loss. To avoid this, it's essential to use an experienced barber who knows how to properly maintain hairlines and to be clear with them about what you want.

Can A Barber Correct A Pushed-Back Hairline?

While the key to correcting a pushed-back hairline starts with growing the hairline back to its original position, there are skilled barbers who can help you maintain in the meantime. For instance, if you have a very skilled barber that you trust, they might also be able to reline your hairline using a razor or trimmer. While not a permanent solution, relining can buy you some time while your hair grows back.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help My Pushed-Back Hairline Grow Back Faster?

As frustrating and annoying as it may be, there isn't anything you can do to make your hairline grow back immediately. However, there are several things you can do that can help speed up the process:

  • Apply Oil On Your Hair: Nothing compares to oil to promote faster hair growth. A generous application of rosemary and argan oil can significantly improve hair growth over time. Apply daily an hour before showering. Other oils that can be used to promote hair growth include coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil.
  • Give Your Hairline A Massage: Massage your hairline in a circular motion for five minutes after oiling it. It can help speed up hair growth by circulating blood in that area.
  • Take Supplements: Taking a biotin vitamin can help hair growth, with many people seeing positive results in as little as two weeks. These supplements can include biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex. Remember, these vitamins can also be found in natural foods, so keep your diet nutritious and healthy!

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  • Keep Your Hair Hydrated: Using more shampoo than conditioner might dry out your hair and remove all of its natural oils. To make your hair softer, try conditioning it more frequently. Then, use an essential oil to seal in moisture after showering.

 And, most importantly, Be Patient!


While seeing that your hairline has been pushed back can be upsetting, handling the matter with a clear grasp of the potential causes and treatments is critical. A pushed-back hairline should be treated with patience and informed choices, regardless of whether genetics, hormonal imbalances, or harmful hair care techniques cause it. Openly discussing your concerns about a pushed-back hairline with your barber can help avoid unpleasant surprises and encourage a more collaborative approach.

While re-growing your pushed-back hairline is typically achievable, factors such as age, genetics, and overall hair health are also contributing influences. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet and managing stress, can help your hair grow quickly and naturally. If your pushed-back hairline persists, discuss other treatment options with a qualified barber.

Remember that while a barber's error may not result in lasting harm, repeatedly pushing back the hairline often weakens hair follicles over time. Communication with your barber and a healthy hair care routine can all help to restore the natural look and feel of your hairline.